The Showball is an actual sports ball or replica that has a picture INSIDE.

The picture can be that of your favorite player, team, stadium or any item of interest.
Yes, you can even have your own personal images placed inside or you can select from our list of current and former players and teams.
General Rule: Anything you can have on a photograph, you can have inside a Showball……black & white or full color images.

Yes. But, keep in mind we cannot be responsible for photos harmed in transit so use caution when mailing. Photos will not be returned unless requested in writing.

Your photograph will not be destroyed or altered  in any way. In fact, you can simply upload your image; we will not touch your actual photograph.

Sure, you can e-mail or upload the image directly to us through our website on any device and we then send you the finished product.

No. Although, Showball uses state of the art imaging technologies what you have is what you get back. In fact, since there is magnification used in our products your photograph image flaws might be revealed.

No. All requests for image fixing must be approved through our Imaging Department. All requests must be in writing and a Showball Imaging Consultant will confirm any proposed changes and costs involved by direct e-mail or fax.

Yes. Call us at 855-249-7469 or e-mail us orders@ showballone.wpengine.com for special rates and incentives for all orders of 10 or more.